Temporary AMKA for Covid Vaccination

Temporary AMKA for Covid Vaccination

According to the instructions received from the Greek authorities, if you do not have a Greek social security number (AMKA), you can act as below in order to receive a temporary AMKA for Covid vaccination. Currently, there is no information on the actual vaccination process for temporary AMKA holders. We'll let you know as soon as we get more information.

  1. Website emvolio.gov.gr(Link to another website.) offers the option to those who are not holders of an AMKA number to proceed and register electronically if they possess a valid VAT number registered with the Greek Tax Authority (AADE).

    Website is only available in Greek. For your convenience, please use Google Translate function on the top right of the webpage which offers translation in English.

  2. All other categories, i.e. holders of the documents listed below, are asked to inquire at any Citizens Service Center (KEP) in order to apply in person and obtain a provisional AMKA number for the purpose of vaccination planning against COVID-19 and the issuance of a vaccination certificate.

    • ID card
    • passport
    • Expatriate ID card
    • residence card
    • permanent residence card
    • special residence card
    • asylum request document ID
    • certification of application submission for insurance or residence permit
    • stand-alone document
    • other