Inge-Maj Lassfolk-Tsontos 1952-2018 in memoriam

Inge-Maj Lassfolk-Tsontos 1952-2018 in memoriam

Inge-Maj Lassfolk-Tsontos

With deep sadness we received the news of our beloved and respected Honorary Consul in Chania, Crete, Ms. Inge-Maj Lassfolk-Tsontos, passing away on Christmas Day.

We remember Inge-Maj as warm-hearted, professional and cheerful collegue. She was always prepared to assist people in need.

Still in November she hosted a guest from the embassy with joy and energy. From this articleLink to another website. you can read, that Inge-Maj served as the Chairperson of Finns in Chania and as the Honorary Consul for ten years.

The Embassy is forever grateful for the persisitent work that Inge-Maj and her family voluntarily made for Finland, Finnish culture and Finnish people.

Inge-Maj is truly missed by her husband, children, grandchildren, friends and collegues.

We send our deepest condolences to her family.

* * *

The Honorary Consulate of Finland in Chania is closed for the time being, please turn to the Embassy.