New climate change podcast by the Finnish and British Embassies is now available to listen

New climate change podcast by the Finnish and British Embassies is now available to listen

HEL-LO! Climate Calling –podcast explores climate solutions and sheds light on the people and projects working towards a more sustainable world. The podcast features top-level climate experts from Finland and the UK. The podcast kicks off an important year in global climate talks, with the Glasgow Climate Change Conference COP26 expected to produce significant national climate commitments in November 2021.

“Finland is committed to solving environmental issues practically and together with our global partners. With challenges such as green growth high up on both our countries’ agenda, we are happy to work together with the UK for a more sustainable future”, notes the Ambassador of Finland to the UK, Markku Keinänen.  With climate change at the forefront of both countries’ concerns and international engagement, it is only natural for the UK and Finland to work together. Sharing expertise makes everyone more resilient and ready to respond to the climate crisis”, concludes the British Ambassador to Finland, Tom Dodd.

The first episode takes a sneak peek into the unknown world of climate diplomacy. Finnish Ambassador for Climate Change, Jan Wahlberg, and UK Government’s COP26 Envoy, John Murton, steer the listener behind the scenes of global climate conferences. Release date: 14 January.

In the second episode, the focus is on climate justice, with Finnish Chief Negotiator for Climate Change, Outi Honkatukia, and the director of the Centre for Climate Change & Social Transformations (CAST) Lorraine Whitmarsh.  Release date: 21 January.

The third episode sheds light on the role of circular economy in the fight against climate change. Sitra’s circular economy project director, Kari Herlevi, and Prof. John McGeehan from Portsmouth University illustrate why we need smarter economic models. Release date: 28 January.

The fourth and final episode presents small communities making a difference to the big picture, with the mayor of the northern town of Ii, Ari Alatossava, and the project founder behind a community-led carbon neutrality initiative, Garry Charnock. Release date: 4 February.

HEL-LO! Climate Calling is available on Spotify and Apple podcasts. The podcast is hosted by Finnish journalist Noora Mattila.

Teaser episode: HEL-LO! Climate calling - new podcast launches on 14th January

Episode 1: Uncovering Climate Diplomacy

Episode 2: Climate Justice - Ethics and Environment

More information:

Maija Yrjä, Adviser, political affairs and public diplomacy/ Embassy of Finland in London: [email protected], +44 7920 45 4058

Hanna Heiskanen, Communications Officer, British Embassy in Helsinki: [email protected],
+358 50 081 7243