Jacksons Lane will be “Made in Finland” in October and November

Jacksons Lane will be “Made in Finland” in October and November

Finnish performative art takes over Jacksons Lane as Made in Finland – a mini-season full of Finnish contemporary art and performances – starts on the 8th October. The last performances will be seen on 21st November. Made in Finland is supported by the Finnish Institute in London.

No country in the world can boast the excitement, experimentation and variety that characterises Finland’s flourishing scene of contemporary performance. Across two months of Autumn Season, Jacksons Lane presents five works that smash artistic boundaries with Finnish finesse and fun.

Made in Finland is supported by the Finnish Institute in London. This mini-season is the culmination of a decade of close work with Finnish companies and artists.

SHINE by Hippana Theatre

You hear voices. They guide you. They haunt you. Will you surrender to them? Or will you shine? Hippana Theatre invites you to the distant recesses of the mind to meet the stranger inside you in this immersive psychological thriller that blurs the senses and tricks the mind into feeling what might not be there.

Real-life couple Olivier Leclair and Tiia-Mari Mäkinen use masks and physical theatre in a production which guarantees to tickle the scary bones in its portrayal of a family’s mental fragility.

The audience is invited to wear headphones to immerse itself into a binaural sound design which may induce physical sensations.

Time: 7:30pm (50 MIN) 8.–9.10.

Age guidance: 14+


The Finnish word ’hepuli’ means a sudden outburst of emotion, happy or otherwise.

In this unconventional love story, a juggler and a tightrope walker meet and give a universal performance of young couples under the thrall of hepuli the thrills, the frustrations and the explosions.

Playfully combining their mastery of juggling and tightwire, Hands Some Feet complement their skills with innovative acrobatics, physical theatre, skipping ropes and live music, using Australian and Finnish instruments.

Hand Some Feet is a made up of performance/directors Liisa Näykki and Jeromy Zwick and is driven by their unconditional passion to create together.

Time: 7:30pm (50 MIN) 12.10.

Age guidance: 12+

BALLANTINE SCALE by Jantti & Venna

Escape the chaos outside. Enter a mysterious world inside a great white shape-shifting tent by the sea.

Experience the ephemeral moments that exist between sunset and the arrival of dusk – the turning point at which the world morphs from day into night.

This graceful performance combines Ilona Jäntti’s innovative aerial acrobatics with Aino Venna’s dreamlike and organic musical score, with leitmotifs that echo through the decades. The tent appears to breathe; music is everywhere, natural as air, as you’re invited to explore the meeting point of exterior and interior, nature and culture.

Jäntti & Venna return after their sell-out run of Yablochkov Candle at Jacksons Lane for CircusFest 2018.

Time: 7:30pm (60 MIN) 14.– 15.10.

Age guidance: 16+

HYPNAGOGIA by Reetta Honkakoski Company

In the moments between sleep and waking, imagination rules.

The classic tale of an overbearing family takes a literal turn in this fragmented and surreal story of three bears and a girls on the brink of consciousness.

Told with hypnotic movement and a hallucinatory narrative progression, Hypnagogia stages the battle with fear, loneliness and trauma as embodied by a girl growing up in a world run by men.

This intensively emotive expression of the subconscious mind’s transformative power is performed by an international cast of accomplished corporeal mime artists, collaborating with the Reetta Honkakoski Company.

Time: 7:30pm (70 MIN) 29.–30.10.

Age guidance: 10+

THE RECEPTIONISTS by Kallo Collective

The receptionists have a pathological fear of their own customers.

This pair of fast-talkers – smooth operators, consummate professionals in the luxury hotel industry – will go to any lengths to avoid their unfortunate guests, with disastrous and delightful results.

This Finnish physical comedy takes the mundane and familiar and applies clown logic until hysterically absurd. With exceptional skills, nifty acrobatics and incredibly pained smiles, clown duo Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo plumb the comedic depths of customer service.

The magnificently silly, exceptionally charismatic pair from Finnish company Kallo Collective maintain an electric chemistry throughout, delivering in a delightfully bonkers show for all ages.

Time: 7:30pm (55 MIN) 20.– 21.11.

Age guidance: suitable for all