Football player Danielle Carter awarded the 2022 UK HÄN honour

Finland is championing the gender-neutral Finnish pronoun “hän” to promote equality around the world and to highlight individuals and organisations engaged in important work for equality. This year’s recipient of the Hän honour in the UK is Danielle Carter, a professional football player who frequently takes part in initiatives to make the world of football equal and inclusive.

Photo: Danielle Carter pictured with the Hän honour in the residence garden in June.

Danielle Carter is an English football player currently playing for Brighton & Hove Albion WSL as a forward. She frequently speaks out on equality and inclusiveness in football and partakes in initiatives to improve equality in and through sport.

Carter is an ambassador for BT Sports Hope United, an initiative to tackle online hate and Goals4Girls, a football development programme empowering girls through sports and education. Carter also sits on the Professional Footballers Association Players’ Board and the Premier League Black Players Advisory Group and has pledged 1% of her wage to Common Goal, a football charity aimed at tackling the toughest social challenges.

In sports, both the challenges to equal opportunity and the immense potential to be unleashed through it present themselves clearly. Ahead of the 2022 UEFA European Women's Championship in England, this year’s Hän honour gives recognition to women’s sport as an important area of work when it comes to equality.

The honour was presented by Ambassador Jukka Siukosaari at the Finnish Ambassador’s residence in June 2022.

Photo: Ambassador Siukosaari presented the award to Danielle Carter.

About the Hän honour

Hän is the Finnish personal pronoun that refers to “he,” “she,” or any other gender, all at the same time. It is a powerful word that stands for inclusiveness and equal opportunity.

Finland strives to be an equal society where factors such as background, appearance, sexual orientation or gender do not interfere with opportunities in life.

Through the Hän campaign, Finland’s embassies around the world are selecting local individuals, projects and groups for official recognition. The goal is to thank them for promoting equality and inclusivity in various sectors of society.

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