First ever Finnish sauna at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

First ever Finnish sauna at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Taina Suonio's ‘The Finnish Soul Garden’ showcases Finnish coastal plants on its vegetated roof.

A genuine Finnish wood-heated sauna with a vegetated roof is a definite first at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The plants selected for the roof are chosen specifically on University of Helsinki’s Fifth Dimension Research Group’s work on studying which native plants thrive on vegetated roofs in Finnish climatic conditions. Overall the design consists of almost entirely of plants that depict the striking uniqueness of Finnish coastal scene.

Ms Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland, says: “the garden by Taina Suonio is a demonstration of the clean and quiet environment of Finland and offers a unique window to the Finnish soul”.

The garden design will be accessorized by Finnish companies and artists who present their products, skills, arts and crafts - drawing their inspiration from Finnish nature and complementing the design and making the garden a true piece of Finland in London. This combined effort will help the international audience understand our bond with the unique and tranquil Finnish nature.

"Relationship to nature gives Finns a lot of happiness and joy. I hope my garden will show the visitors the roots of Finnish wellness attitude where sauna and the beauty of nature play a big part", says Taina Suonio.

Taina Suonio is a renowned Finnish landscape designer and environment biologist. She showcases her work in Chelsea Flower Show for the second time. Her award-winning 2019 design “The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden” was recycled almost in its entirety and now has a home in the side garden of the Embassy of Finland(Link to another website.) in London.

This year’s “The Finnish Soul Garden” will also be partly recycled to a private residence in South-East of London. Taina’s designs can also be found at the roof terrace of Pantechnicon, a Nordic-Japanese hub in Belgravia, London.

Further information and images, please contact Taina Suonio,  Tel +358 50 44 35 789.


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