Partying nail technician with attachment issues becomes a match-maker for an Iranian refugee in this irresistible director debut.

21. – 23.6.2019

Friday 21 June 18:15 VUE Omni 10, Sunday 23 June 17:45 VUE Omni 10


Omni Leisure Building Greenside Place, 61/11 Leith St, Edinburgh EH1 3AU


One night at a hot-dog stand in Finnish Lapland, a commitment-phobic party animal, Aurora, meets Iranian Darian. Darian suddenly asks her to marry him. Darian needs to marry a Finnish woman to get an asylum for himself and his daughter. Aurora turns him down, as she is busy working as a nail technician and plans to move to Norway, away from her shit life. However, after meeting his sweet daughter, Aurora agrees to help him. As Aurora introduces numerous women to Darian, the two of them grow close. When the perfect wife candidate comes along, Darian and Aurora are faced with a difficult choice: pretend to be happy or to finally stop running.

Aurora is nominated for the 2019 Award for Best International Feature Film.

Edinburgh International Film Festival