Finland’s Foreign Ministry ends evacuation of Finnish nationals in Sudan

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs completes Finland’s relief effort in Sudan on Thursday 27 April.

Eleven Finnish nationals were evacuated from Sudan. Some Finns have decided to remain in the country. If their situation changes and they need help, the Foreign Ministry will assist them as individual consular cases as far as possible.

The relief effort was a collaboration of the Foreign Ministry and the Finnish Defence Forces. Finland set up a consular rapid response team in Djibouti, which became a centre for the relief efforts of different countries. Especially Sweden and other Nordic countries and France and Germany gave Finland vital support in the evacuations. 

Finland does not have a diplomatic mission in Khartoum. The Finnish embassies in Cairo, Addis Ababa and Riyadh, among others, assisted the Foreign Ministry and the Defence Forces with the evacuations, with staying in contact with the Finnish nationals in Sudan and with other necessary tasks. 

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Finland in Cairo will continue to monitor developments in the conflict and serious humanitarian crisis in Sudan.


Jussi Tanner, Director General of Consular Services, tel. +358 295 350 246, [email protected]