Prime Ministers Stubb and Cameron met in London

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Prime Ministers Stubb and Cameron met in London 

On Wednesday 8 October, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb met his British colleague Prime Minister David Cameron in London. 

The prime ministers discussed their countries' climate and energy policy outlines with a view to the forthcoming European Council, the development of the European Union, the ongoing EU debate in Britain and other key topics of international politics. The prime ministers also discussed the preparations for the Northern Future Forum, to be hosted by Prime Minister Stubb in Helsinki on 6-7 November.

Prime Minister Stubb also gave a speech on climate and energy issues at an event organised by the Centre for European Reform (CER).

"Our climate and energy policy framework needs to be both ambitious and cost-effective and focus on ways of cutting emissions. We need to address energy security at the European level, instead of national approaches. The debate must place particular attention to the diversity of our energy mix, energy efficiency and the Internal Energy Market," Stubb said.

Green Growth and Cleantech have enormous potential, provided that we get our climate and energy policy goals right and that we are able to develop operating environments that support these goals, both globally and in Europe. It is possible to cut emissions and be economically successful. In climate and energy policy too, we need both more Europe and more market, and less nationalism and political micromanagement," Prime Minister Stubb said at the event organised by CER.

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