New EU meetings in Finland

The Finnish Government decided that the eighth official foreign ministers' meeting relating to the Barcelona Process will be held in Finland during the Finnish Presidency of the EU. The Barcelona Process refers to Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

Member states flags at the courtyard of the Council Justus Lipsius building

The Barcelona process is formed by the EU countries, nine Mediterranean countries and the Palestinian Authority.

The Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs decided also to organise the Copenhagen Process follow-up conference of the ministers of education and the ministerial troika meetings between the EU and Australia plus the EU and New Zealand in Finland.

The time and place of the meetings will be specified later.

There has been a change since Finland’s 1999 presidency in that all official summits are now held in Brussels. This development came out of negotiations in Nice in December 2000. EU heads of state and government will meet under Finnish direction on 19-20 0ctober and 14-15 December 2006.

Finland's six-month EU Presidency will begin on 1 July 2006.

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