Finland gives humanitarian assistance, temporary accommodation units and public administration support to Ukraine

In the supplementary budget in July, the Government allocated additional funds to Ukraine amounting to EUR 70 million. Half of these funds has now been granted to improving food security and reproductive health services, ensuring the payment of teachers’ salaries, and to providing accommodation in Ukraine for those who have lost their homes.

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is still spiralling downwards, and nearly 18 million people are now in need of emergency relief. The approaching winter will aggravate the living conditions in Ukraine.

“The funding Finland now grants amounts to EUR 35 million, and it will be used both to meet immediate needs arising from the Russian invasion and to prepare for supporting Ukraine when the war ends,” says Minister of Development Co-operation Ville Skinnari.

The greatest humanitarian needs are associated with food security, protection and cash assistance. Finland grants EUR 15 million in humanitarian assistance. Of this sum, EUR 8 million is allocated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, which is a UN pooled fund that supports local humanitarian efforts, including local non-governmental organisations and pays particular attention to the needs of persons with disabilities. EUR 5 million will be granted to the World Food Programme (WFP), which delivers food and cash assistance to nearly three million people who are food insecure. In addition, EUR 2 million will be channelled through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to promoting reproductive health, to preventing gender-based violence and to supporting victims of sexual violence. Support will be channelled especially to the most vulnerable people in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Movable and accessible accommodation for families

At Ukraine’s request, Finland will deliver temporary family homes to at least 200 Ukrainians who have lost their homes in the war. In addition, ten mobile accommodation units will be delivered to Ukraine for rescue personnel’s use. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will procure the accommodation units and the Ministry of the Interior will deliver them to Ukraine through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism.

“The temporary homes are designed for easy assembly, dismantling and transfer according to needs. They are accessible and intended for year-round residential use. There is an enormous need for them in Ukraine: the UN estimates that 13 million people have been forced to leave their homes since the war started,” Minister Skinnari says.

The armoured accommodation containers for rescue personnel will be delivered to the Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs. Mobile accommodation solutions are needed in recaptured areas or areas near front lines where the infrastructure is badly damaged and the risk of military action is high.

“Ukrainian rescue personnel work in difficult conditions and they are often close to front lines. The armoured accommodation containers Finland is sending to Ukraine will help the local civilian rescue personnel to protect the civilian population. The Ukrainian rescue personnel have an important role in extinguishing fires caused by bombing attacks and in rescuing people from collapsed buildings,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen.

Finland aims to deliver the units to Ukraine before the winter.

Salaries for teachers

Finland supports Ukraine’s resilience also through development cooperation. The now granted EUR 15 million will be channelled to the Public Expenditures for Administrative Capacity Endurance (PEACE) in Ukraine Project administered by the World Bank. The aim is to support Ukraine during the invasion, to prepare for providing immediate support when the war ends and to make long-term plans for reconstruction.

The PEACE in Ukraine Project will channel funds to critical needs in Ukraine, including the payment of salaries in the public sector. The Project will give Ukraine funds to pay teachers’ salaries so that children can continue to go to school despite the war.

Support to Ukraine will continue in 2023

EUR 30 million of the EUR 70 million additional support package approved in the supplementary budget will be allocated to humanitarian assistance, EUR 35 million to development cooperation and EUR 5 million to temporary homes and mobile accommodation units. The decisions now made cover half of the support package; the rest of the package will be allocated at the end of 2022 and in 2023.

In addition to this support package, Finland has supported Ukraine with EUR 21 million since the invasion started. Of this sum, EUR 9.2 million has been allocated to humanitarian assistance and EUR 11.8 million to development cooperation.

Finland has sent to Ukraine material assistance, such as medicines, emergency shelters, ambulances and fire engines, amounting to more than EUR 2 million. This assistance has been channelled through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism.  Finland will continue to provide assistance based on requests from Ukraine. In addition, Finland has delivered defence materiel to Ukraine both directly and through the European Peace Facility.

In 2023, the proposed allocation for development cooperation in Ukraine is EUR 37 million.


  • Temporary family homes and accommodation containers for rescue personnel: Juha Savolainen, Deputy Director General, Department for Development Policy, tel. +358 50 324 6507
  • Humanitarian assistance: Lauratuulia Lehtinen, Director, Unit for Humanitarian Assistance and Policy Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 46 921 2030
  • Development cooperation: Sirpa Oksanen, Director, Unit for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, tel. +358 50 414 5349
  • Emmi Mäkelä, Special Adviser to Minister Skinnari, tel. +358 50 473 6694
  • Civilian material assistance and EU Civil Protection Mechanism: Pekka Tiainen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 50 456 4477 and Pauliina Eskola, Director of International Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 295 488 263, [email protected] 
  • Mikko Jalo, Special Adviser to Minister Mikkonen, tel. +358 50 304 8522 (requests for interviews with the Minister of the Interior)