The #Munvaikutus campaign of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs raises awareness of the results achieved through development cooperation and shows how everyone in Finland participates in the cooperation

The #Munvaikutus campaign of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs raises awareness of the results achieved through development cooperation and shows how everyone in Finland participates in the cooperation

Did you know that you have collaborated with people living in Nepal, Somalia and Kenya and thus supported girls’ schooling, journalists’ training and job creation? You may be surprised, but that is all right. Development cooperation produces effective results, but we Finns know quite little about them. On 11 October, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will launch a campaign that will clarify the achievements of Finland’s development cooperation.

The crisis in Afghanistan prompted public discussion about the achievements reached in the country through development cooperation and about the future of the results. Crises occurring abroad often raise discussion on the importance of development cooperation.

Long-term work for a better world is done also in times when crises do not hit the headlines. It is essential to understand that development cooperation is collaboration rather than one-way assistance: it is carried out in cooperation with partner countries and organisations. Work is based on the partner countries’ own development plans.

Through development cooperation, we reduce poverty, promote equality, create sustainable jobs and prevent the eruption of new crises in different parts of the world. We can influence the direction in which the world develops by means of development cooperation. Therefore, development policy is an important part of Finland's foreign and security policy.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs launches the #Munvaikutus campaign to explain to Finns how and where development cooperation concerns us all. As Finns, we all participate in Finland’s cooperation with the partner countries and contribute to a better world – even now.

“People’s ideas of development cooperation are sometimes outdated and biased. Through this campaign, we want to raise awareness of what development cooperation in today’s world is and to explain its key role, for example in responding to climate change and pandemics. Development cooperation adapts to changing needs and new, effective channels for action are sought all the time,” says Ville Cantell, Director of the Unit for Communications on Sustainable Development and Trade. 

A number of Finnish frontline influencers will be heard in the campaign. One of them, Tim Sparv, captain of Finnish men’s football team, feels that the campaign is clearly in line with his own values.

“I’m a big believer in teamwork and what a team can achieve when everyone supports each other.  In football, you’re nothing without your teammates. We all have individual aspirations and dreams but without the help of our colleagues, we won’t reach our goals. 

I also think cooperation is a key component in other parts of life.  In an increasingly globalised world our countries are more interconnected than ever before. Cooperation with developing countries opens up opportunities for building a better planet. I'm really proud of Finland's work around the globe.

Being a part of this campaign makes so much sense to me.  It represents the same values that I personally find important. I look forward to sharing some of the important work that Finland does abroad that might sometimes go unnoticed,” Sparv says.

The most popular Finn in Instagram, the artist and social media person Joalin Loukamaa wants to participate in the campaign because she believes that the campaign will help in creating a sense of hope of being able to have an impact on the state of the world.   

“I have lived in two very different cultures and have been able to see and experience with my own eyes how unequal girls and boys still are in various parts of the world. Being part of this campaign definitely increases belief in that we can exert influence by working together. If it was up to me, each and every girl in the world would go to school and each and every mother would receive the support they need,” says Loukamaa.

Besides Sparv and Loukamaa, the main spokespersons in the campaign will be radio personality Anni Hautala and artist and host Cristal Snow.

#Munvaikutus campaign will start on 11 October and continue until 24 October. Social media content produced for the campaign will be shown on the wall of Helsinki Music Centre on the week beginning 11 October. Finnish radio channels will participate in the discussion throughout the campaign. Follow the discussion on social media using the hashtag #munvaikutus. You can take part in the campaign at to another website.).

The campaign will be carried out by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Creative agency Måndag is responsible for the campaign design.


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