EU states discussed security of supply in a seminar in Helsinki

In cooperation with the Portuguese EU Presidency, Finland organised an informal seminar for EU Members States´ experts on security of supply in Helsinki on 26 and 27 April. The participants included representatives of 13 Member States, the European Commission and the Council Secretariat. On of the keynote speeches was delivered by the vice president of NATO´s Industrial Policy Committee.

Developing security of supply has not been on the EU´s agenda, although there are directives on compulsory stocks of oil.

The experts from the Member States were of the opinion that there is an obvious need to discuss the role of the EU in issues connected with security of supply. The seminar was the first of its kind within the EU. The primary aim of the seminar was to open a discussion on future security of supply arrangements. Ways of developing a coordinating role for the EU in these matters was also discussed. At present, the EU countries, to a large extent, make their own national arrangements.

Moreover, it was agreed that the EU countries would continue discussions on security of supply. The preparation of a study on security of supply in the Member States was also taken into consideration.