Foreign Minister Valtonen to attend Nordic Council Session in Norway

Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen will visit Oslo on 1 November and attend the 75th Session of the Nordic Council. Minister Valtonen will attend a hearing of foreign ministers at the Plenary of the Nordic Council and a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in N5 format.

Foreign Minister Valtonen will address briefly the Plenary of the Nordic Council discussing Nordic cooperation. In addition, the foreign ministers and the representatives of Åland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands will have a meeting with the Presidium of the Nordic Council. 

The Nordic foreign ministers’ meeting in N5 format will be held in connection with the Nordic Council Session. The ministers will discuss current foreign and security policy questions, such as the situation in the Middle East and the Nordic countries’ support for Ukraine.

In Oslo, Minister Valtonen will also have bilateral meetings with the newly appointed foreign ministers of Norway and Iceland.

“Nordic cooperation is now closer than ever before. It is important to discuss topical questions with our closest partners. Our common value base gives us an opportunity to promote cooperation in a number of different fields, such as foreign and security policy and crisis preparedness,” Minister Valtonen says.

Read more about the Session of the Nordic Council on the Nordic Council website(Link to another website.).


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