Ausstellung: Marika Lahdenperä: Shadow Effect

9.6. – 14.7.2022

Öffnungszeiten: Do–Sa 14–18 Uhr


Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9

Galleria Snow

Näyttely ,

»Artists do what they want to experience and see for themselves. This exhibition features my watercolour paintings with which I have longed for peace and a sense of security. In the current state of the world and its ongoing historical events, I have found myself focusing on everyday details at my home and studio.

The morning light and shadows move across the surfaces of my apartment. The plants sprout from the shadows, flowers die and tree branches reach through the mist. In pursuit of a flawless outcome with the inspiration of shadows, I began a new colourful series in which I focused on bringing those errors into an important part of the work. Watercolours tend to ›drip in‹ from the edges of the paper, forming a wave in the pigment wall. This is often seen as a mistake, but it is a difficult technique when deliberately attempted. With all the light and the dark, my mind enjoys to focus on the small details. I am hoping to bring even a little rest and happiness to the eyes and mind of the viewer.

I want to show with how little watercolour painting can be so much. The nature of watercolour and paper is stubborn and delicate, but with the layering of the colors and the opportunities that paper brings, it can also be massive, violent, colourful, and fascinating – like the power of nature.« Marika Lahdenperä

Kuratiert von Susanne Johansson.

Marika Lahdenperä, geboren 1998, lebt in Tampere, Finland. Zwischen 2017 und 2021 studierte sie an der Free Art School.

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