7. – 28.1.2023

WED – FRI 2 – 7 pm, SAT 2 – 6 pm and by appointment


Galleria Snow, Brunnenstrasse 170, 10119 Berlin

Galleria Snow

Ausstellung ,

Opening day: January 6, 6 - 9 pm

In the presence of many of the participating artists

A warm welcome!

Snow will welcome 2023 with the second Snow Collection Show with works by 11 visual artists. 

Snow Collection Show VOL II: "olla | about being"

*olla Finnish, meaning: be, have, constitute, exist, hold, lie, come, rest, occur, carry, stand, feel, amount to, sit, take place, offer, reside in, fare, figure, be perched, pass, visit, sport…

“olla | about being” is a gentle nudge to surrender for what is.

The exhibition seeks to be curious about what comes up from the inside when we just allow
We hold space for dropping illusions born from judgements and invite observing what’s inherent
In the works of the 11 participating artists, we may find surrendering, curious observations and expansion

The participating artists:

Caitlin Aloisio Shearer
Eeva-Leena Eklund
Kalina Horon
Gabriele Herzog
Helena Kauppila
Eeva Lietonen
Melina Paakkonen
Mikko Paakkonen
Jenni Rope
Niina Villanueva
Fanny Tavastila

In parallel with the group exhibition, Anna Karhu-Cormier presents a site specific installation which will be unveiled on our joint opening day on January 6.