Ausstellung: Maijastiina & Santeri Lehto - Lover of Life

18. – 31.5.2022

Mi-Fr 13-18 Uhr, Sa 12-16 Uhr


Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9

Galleria Snow

Ausstellung ,

Snow is delighted to present Lover of life, a joint exhibition by Maijastiina & Santeri Lehto opening May 18.

Lover of life is a celebration of the eternal dance of life. The paintings by the Helsinki based Finnish couple open up as visual poems about life. The surroundings of the everyday life and its wonders are the ingredients of the artwork.

The paintings seem like open windows to what feels like infinity. With what first appears a simple expression, the paintings unfold into sense of depth and spaciousness, into a space in which we can project our own emotions and find intuitive illuminations. The more time we give to the paintings, the more we begin to see. Off the canvas seems to vibrate the presence of life and the comforting and joyous awareness of all that it has to offer.

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