angle-left Finnish Education Conference in Prague 28/05/2019

Finnish Education Conference in Prague 28/05/2019

Embassy of Finland in Prague organized a conference about Finnish Education System in cooperation with the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic


After series of visits to panel discussions, seminars and conferences, the Embassy of Finland Prague - Suomen suurlähetystö Praha decided to organize a conference about the Finnish Education System in cooperation with the Senate Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Human Rights and Petitions. It took place on Tuesday, May 28 (starting at 9:00), and it was live-streamed on our social media. Our main goal was to highlight the key values of the Finnish education system: equality, equity, collaboration, trust and prioritizing of education. Finland served as a good example and inspiration to the Czech Republic, where Finnish Education System resembles to the highest quality. The main message which appeared in Czech media was that for Finland, education is a top priority, Finland is not afraid to try and implement new methods into the well-performing system and puts the trust and equality on the very first place. The embassy of Finland in Prague appreciates perfect collaboration with Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, namely Mr. Drahos and Ms. Hauserova.

Our main speakers at the conference were: Chairman of Senate Committee on Education, Mr. Jiří Drahoš, Minister of Education, Mr. Robert Plaga, Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Jukka Pesola

Professor from Helsinki University, Mr. Jari Lavonen

Director of the Innovation Center for Education, Ms. Anneli Rautiainen

Panellists: Expert on Finnish Educational System, Ms. Susanna Backman, teachers from Finnish schools, Ms. Sari Jylhä and Ms. Marika Päivärinta-Guinard, Czech teachers and experts with experience of Finnish Education System: Ms. Irena Dvořáková, Ms. Silvie Pýchová, Ms. Markéta Pluháčková, Ms. Aška Luhanová and Ms. Petra Šubrtová


A video record from the whole conference, pictures and other links: video_conference


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