Discretionary government grants to civil society organisations in the field of foreign and security policy awarded for 2024

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has awarded EUR 1,063,000 in discretionary government grants to 19 civil society organisations (CSOs) operating in the field of foreign and security policy.

The support is granted from 2024 Budget item 24.90.50 (Certain government grants) and it is meant for CSOs’ activities that are related to Finland’s foreign and security policy and international commitments.

The priorities of the 2024 call for government grant applications were the European Union as a geopolitical and global player, broad-based transatlantic cooperation, support for the rules-based international order, crisis management, peaceful conflict prevention and resolution (including mediation) and promotion of human rights.

This is the eighth year that discretionary government grants are awarded based on an open call.

Altogether 32 CSOs submitted their applications to the Ministry by the provided deadline. The amounts applied ranged between EUR 12,500 and EUR 440,000.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs awarded discretionary government grants to the following CSOs:

  • Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi                               
  • CMI Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation
  • Elisabeth Rehn — Bank of ideas                                          
  • European Movement in Finland
  • Historians without Borders in Finland                                    
  • Finnish League for Human Rights
  • Wider Security Network (WISE)                                            
  • Paasikivi Society
  • Perpetuum mobile/ Artists at risk (AR)
  • Sámi Council                                                                          
  • SaferGlobe Finland
  • Finnish Forum for Mediation
  • Atlantic Council of Finland
  • Finnish Red Cross
  • UN Association of Finland
  • National Union of University Students in Finland – SYL
  • UN Women Finland
  • World Federation of the Deaf                                                
  • Åland Islands Peace Institute

The awarded grants are general grants for the CSOs’ activities in 2024. Discretionary government grants are awarded for one year at a time.



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