Newest This is FINLAND Magazine features Finnish solutions for curbing climate change

Newest This is FINLAND Magazine features Finnish solutions for curbing climate change

This is FINLAND Magazine 2020–2021 has been released. This year's issue highlights Finland's strengths particularly in promoting sustainable development and curbing climate change.

This is FINLAND Magazine strives to give a glimpse into Finnish society, our way of thinking and how we seek solutions to common challenges. In this year's issue, we want especially to present Finnish expertise and perspectives on sustainable development and the circular economy — from environment-related choices in everyday life all the way to the pioneering role of Finnish companies in the field of sustainable development,” says Laura Kamras, Director, Unit for Public Diplomacy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs. “I am also pleased that internationally prominent Finns, such as Lauri Porra and Dalia Stasevska, are willing to share their story in the magazine. People bring our story closer and hopefully arouse interest in topics important to us.”

Young Finns in particular are active in climate change work and act as opinion leaders. Climate activist Atte Ahokas flies the flag for Finland as a trailblazer and believes that Finland could play a leading role in climate change work: “The Government has the ambitious agenda of making Finland carbon-neutral by 2035, and promising companies in this sector are emerging in Finland,” Ahokas writes in his column.

The magazine presents Finnish solutions for curbing climate change and describes the types of innovations we have to deal for example with the problem of marine plastic pollution: Sulapac has developed a microplastic-free and biodegradable equivalent for plastic; Woodly is developing a wood-based plastic-like packaging material; and Durat uses recycled plastic as a raw material in its products, to name only a few.

Continuing the climate theme, actor and free rivers advocate Jasper Pääkkönen is interviewed. He says he himself wants to live so that Finland’s pristine nature and rivers rich in fish would survive after him.

Finland also has a favourable operating environment for health technology. For precisely this reason, Mark Daly, Professor of Genetics at Harvard University and Director of the Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine FIMM, settled in Finland. He openly praises how Finland is the perfect place for research on genetic engineering: “The national healthcare system has collected an enormous amount of information that is also open to researchers. There is no similar vantage point for research anywhere else.”

The English-language publication targeted at international readers aims to provide inspiring perspectives on Finnish expertise, innovations and way of life, as one aspect of Finland’s country branding. The magazine is distributed globally through the distribution channels of the editorial board, and will also be published in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian in early March.

This is FINLAND Magazine is published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Business Finland and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Otavamedia OMA is responsible for its production.

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