EU expands sanctions against Russia in response to continuing invasion

On 25 February 2023, the EU imposed new sanctions as a response to Russia’s continued attacks against Ukraine’s civilian targets and critical infrastructure. The tenth package of sanctions introduces new export bans on critical technology, industrial products and dual-use items. In addition, the EU introduces new measures to prevent the circumvention of sanctions.

One year has passed since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The tenth sanctions package adds persons and entities to the listings that apply to Russia’s armed forces and parties that support them, including a number of Iranian drone manufacturers.

Products and technology that maintain Russia’s military machinery and industrial production are added to the scope of export bans. Among the products banned are dual-use items, industrial products, components, electronic control devices, cameras and optical devices. Steel products, industrial equipment and electronics, too, are added to the scope of export bans.

The EU aims to prevent the circumvention of sanctions by banning the transit via the territory of Russia of arms, ammunition and dual-use items exported from the EU to third countries.

The EU introduces further restrictions on imports of goods which generate revenues that Russia can use to finance its aggression against Ukraine. Import bans are imposed on petroleum products and refined products such as bitumen and synthetic rubber.

The EU prohibits Russian nationals to hold any position in the governing bodies of EU companies operating in the field of critical infrastructure, such as energy production. It expands the restrictions on broadcasting by Russian media outlets and prohibits the provision of gas storage capacity to Russian nationals.

Russian-owned or controlled aircraft operators registered outside Russia must notify all non-scheduled flights. In addition, European individuals and entities must report on their links to assets of the Russian Central Bank.

The EU eases European companies’ divestment from Russia by adding new grounds for granting exemptions and by extending the validity of certain existing grounds for granting exemptions.

Sanctions regime targeting individuals and entities

Council Decision (CFSP) 2023/432(Link to another website.)

Council Regulation (EU) 2023/426(Link to another website.)

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/429(Link to another website.)

Sanctions regime targeting sectors

Council Decision (CFSP) 2023/434(Link to another website.)

Council Regulation (EU) 2023/427(Link to another website.)


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