New application form for the Schengen visa as from 5 April 2010

Schengen visas will be applied for using an electronic form beginning from 5 April 2010. The new form is linked with the entry into force of the Community Code on Visas and with the harmonisation of processing of applications.

The form can be filled in online in advance. However, processing the form can start only after the form and the required appendices have been submitted to the embassy, and the papers have been examined, signed and paid. A separate form has to be completed for children even if the child’s name had been entered in the parent’s or guardian’s passport.

In case the main destination of travel is Finland, the Schengen visa should be applied for, as far as possible, at the Finnish embassy that is the closest to the applicant or some other Schengen country embassy that represents Finland.

The new form is related to the entry into force of an EU visa regulation and harmonisation of visa applications. The Regulation (EC) establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code) became effective on 5 April 2009; the regulation also provides for a Visa Committee which started its work on the same date. The Visa Code will be essentially applied as from 5 April 2010 except for as concerns the right of appeal which will be applied as from no later than 5 April 2011: Community Code on Visas (PDF) (Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)/Official Journal of the European Union 15 September 2009/ L 243/1.  

A  new visa application form from  5.4.2010 

Those who apply a Schengen visa prior to 5 April 2010 are advised to enquire of the embassy staff whether they should fill in the old or new application form because of differences in embassies’ handling times.

Schengen Visa EC109 2010 (en) (Opens New Window)
(Form 2010 / English PDF)

Schengen Visa EC109 2010 (fr) (Opens New Window)
(Form 2010 / Français PDF)

Schengen Visa EC109 2010 (es) (Opens New Window)
(Form 2010 / Español PDF)

Schengen Visa EC109 2010 (ru) (Opens New Window)
(Form 2010 / По-русски / Russian PDF)

*) Visas that will be issued after 5 April can be applied for using the new form.

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