Coronavirus situation in China

Coronavirus situation in China

Entry to China is still very challenging. Starting from 7 November, China requires a negative Covid-19 test result as well as a negative anti-body test result to be certified in the Chinese Embassy before the trip. In case of travelling to China on a transit flight, the negative test results have to be obtained as well as certified in the Chinese Embassy of both the departure and the transit country. Anyone entering China is subject to, at least, two-weeks of centralized quarantine at a quarantine hotel. The recent rise in domestic cases has complicated travel within the country and different restrictions and quarantine policies may apply. The Finnish Missions in China follow the situation and give regular updates also on our Facebook pages

Entry regulations and travel within the country

The Chinese authorities have informed that a covid-19 positive person will be directed to a designated hospital for treatment, regardless of the age of the person. This also applies to asymptomatic cases. Separating a person from their healthy family members is a key measure without any flexibility, even in the case of young children. The Finnish Embassy and Consulate General have currently limited capacity to influence situations where the Chinese health authorities are the decision-maker.

Starting from 28 September, China has allowed holders of valid residence permits based on work or family ties to return to the country. However, the Visa Application Centres remain closed and travelling to China without a valid residence permit is difficult. Travelling from certain countries has been banned even from the holders of valid residence permit.

China requires all travellers to obtain a negative coronavirus test result as well as a negative anti-body test result at their country of origin no later than two days before boarding the flight. In addition, the negative test results have to be confirmed by the Chinese Embassy. In case of travelling to China on a transit flight, both tests have to be taken again and certified by the Chinese Embassy of the transit country. In case of a positive anti-body test result, the traveller is considered as an asymptomatic carrier by the Chinese authorities and boarding the plane cannot be allowed. More information is available on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Finland: to another website.

Upon arrival to China, travellers are required to test for Covid-19 and are subject to undergo for at least 14 days of centralized quarantine at their own expense. Depending on the regulations of the province, a home quarantine as well as health monitoring period may follow. Many hotels have also restricted for example ordering food in the hotel and the regulations vary. In order to complete the quarantine negative Covid-19 test result is required. 

Restrictions on domestic travel have tightened and the risk of being subject to centralized quarantine when travelling domestically exists. The new province-specific restrictions are expected to last even until the end of March.

Most public spaces (such as shops and restaurants) will not be accessible unless you have downloaded a health code application on your phone, in most cases integrated on Alipay or WeChat, and can display a green code. In principle, city-specific green codes should work automatically if there is no record of travel abroad or to certain areas that have been identified as high or medium risk areas. In practice, however, there have been problems with the codes when traveling within the country, especially for foreigners.

More information (in English):

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs websiteLink to another website.

Website of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)Link to another website.


In mainland China, the number of new confirmed cases of covid-19 is currently small. During the autumn and winter, the new confirmed cases have mainly been reported on immigration checks at airports or during the quarantine and the spreading of the virus has been controlled effectively. However, the number of domestically transmitted cases has recently been on the rise, leading to tightened regulations.  

Requirements for wearing face masks have once again been implemented and compulsory quarantines are possible. Many people wear face masks even outdoors.

In many public places and when using public transport fever is still measured, and the use of masks is mandatory.

More information (in English):

National Health Commission of China (NHC) websiteLink to another website.


Finnish missions’ customer service

The Embassy of Finland in Beijing and the Consulate General in Shanghai have suspended the processing of most visa applications and the Visa Applications Centers (VACs) are closed for the time being.

The reception of residence permit and passport applications, as well as notarial and legalization services operate normally at the missions.

If you need assistance with passport, notarial or legalization matters, please first contact us by e-mail: [email protected] (Beijing) or [email protected] (Shanghai).

In case of emergency outside office hours, please contact the Finnish Foreign Ministry's emergency serviceLink to another website..


Travel notification

We remind all travelers and those already in the country to submit a travel notificationLink to another website..

If you have already submitted a travel notification and your stay abroad has been extended, it is advisable to change the end date on the travel notification. Doing this, we will be informed that you are still in the country and we can send you notifications and inquiries. If you have registered to the service, you can edit the travel notification yourself. If you have not registered, you can submit a new travel notification.

If your travel notification did not have an end date or you have returned to Finland earlier than planned, the notification should be deleted. If you have registered to the service, you can edit the notification yourself. If you have not registered, you can send a removal request by e-mail to [email protected]. Please note that requests to change or delete a travel notification might take some time to process.


For more information:

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