UPM Biomedicalsin uusien toimitilojen avajaiset Allschwilissä/Baselissa

UPM Biomedicalsin uusien toimitilojen ja laboratorioiden viralliset avajaiset pidettiin lokakuun alussa Switzerland Innovation Parkissa Allschwilissä/Baselissa. Suurlähettiläs Valtteri Hirvonen piti tilaisuudessa avajaispuheen.

Suurlähettiläs Valtteri Hirvonen
Suurlähettiläs Valtteri Hirvonen

Uusiutuviin luonnonvaroihin (koivusellu) perustuviin biolääketieteellisiin innovaatioihin erikoistunut UPM Biomedicals(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) on osa suomalaista bio- ja metsäteollisuusyritystä UPM:ää(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) valmistaen korkealaatuista nanofibrilliselluloosaa bio- ja lääketieteelliseen käyttöön. UPM Biomedicals avasi uudet toimitilat ja laboratorion Switzerland Innovation Parkissa Allschwilissä/Baselissa(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) ollakseen tuotteillaan lähempänä Baselin farmateollisuutta.

Virallisissa avajaisissa 4. lokakuuta suurlähettiläs Valtteri Hirvonen piti avajaispuheen:


Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s an enormous pleasure for me to be present today at the UPM Biomedicals Basel Site Opening.

As you might have guessed, I am no expert in biomedicals, so I will not touch upon the very substance of the operations here, but instead I would like to talk to you about Finland and the reasons that has earned the Finnish people a reputation for honesty, reliability and their unwavering commitment to keeping their promises.

Firstly, education plays a vital role in shaping the values of the Finnish people. Finland’s education system emphasizes not only academic excellence but also ethical values and moral integrity. Finnish children are taught the importance of honesty, fairness, and fulfilling their commitments. This helps instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in individuals as they grow into adulthood.

Secondly, the Finnish welfare state promotes a sense of social responsibility and trust among its citizens. The social safety net in Finland is strong. This fosters a sense of security and community, reinforcing the idea that everyone should contribute and fulfill their obligations.

Thirdly, the Finnish work ethic is characterized by punctuality, diligence, and dedication. Finns are known for their strong work ethic and commitment to their jobs.

Furthermore, the Finnish legal system and government institutions are transparent and impartial, encouraging people to have faith in the rule of law. This trust in the system reinforces the belief that honesty and integrity are essential for the smooth functioning of society.

In Finland, one's word is considered their bond. When a Finn makes a promise, they do so with the intention of keeping it. Trustworthiness and reliability: these characteristics are also reflected in Finnish companies operating abroad.

I've been here in Switzerland since autumn 2021 and I've noticed from the beginning that the Finns and the Swiss share the same enthusiasm for honesty, trust and reliability. The sense of commitment to integrity and strong work ethics runs parallel in both our countries, which must be one of the reasons Finns and Swiss understand each other so well. Appealing products, uncompromising functionality and high quality are the parameters that are appreciated in both Finland and Switzerland.

I shall wish UPM a good start here in Basel, one of the global center of medical research, development and production.

Thank you very much.