Finnish Sámi Music Videos at imagineNATIVE Film Festival

Finnish Sámi Music Videos at imagineNATIVE Film Festival

Guorga – Duoddara modjegobit by Katja Gauriloff and Čáhcerávga by Suvi West will be seen in the LISTEN program of imagineNATIVE

24. – 26.10.2020


Music , Film

ImagineNATIVE is the largest indigenous film and screen content festival in the world, taking place online this year with worldwide access to most of the programming. 

LISTEN is available online  October 24 -26 and presents works by twelve directors.  Suvi West’s Čáhcerávga is based on a legend of a water spirit told to children to make them aware of the dangers of thin ice.  The music video is part of The Killing of  Čáhcerávga by the international collective Miracle Workers, a five segment experimental short presented in the Finland pavillion of the Venice Biennale in 2019.

Guorga – Duoddara modjegobit by Katja Gauriloff also screens in LISTEN.  Black and white images of Lapland are intertwined with musician Niillas Holmberg’s singing in search of the lost joik lyrics in Guorga.

Works by versatile Gauriloff have come to Toronto’s Hot Docs already twice.   Canned Dreams (2012) about the journey of all the ingredients in a can of ravioli and Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (2016), a lyrical telling of the fate of the Skolt Sámi of Finland.  A friendship between Gauriloff’s grandmother Kaisa and Swiss writer and photographer Robert Crottet was the impetus for Crottet’s championing the cause of Skolt Sámi.  Without his international appeal to their plight they may have been lost forever.

Her music video Sálbma was screened at imagineNATIVE in 2018.

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