Outi Tarkiainen work at Sphere Festival

The theme of the National Arts Centre Sphere festival is our changing world seen through arts, science and creative fields.



National Arts Centre

1 Elgin Avenue, Ottawa

National Arts Centre

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Selections from The Earth, Spring’s Daughter composed by Outi Tarkiainen(Link to another website.) are part of the NAC Eternal Earth(Link to another website.) programme.  It also features Max Richter’s Recomposed Four Seasons and Alexina Louie’s Eternal Earth. Outi Tarkiainen has been described as one of the most interesting composers of her generation.  Her international career is progressing by leaps and bounds.   

Photographer Ed Burtynsky joins Music Director Alexander Shelley in a pre-concert chat at 7 pm.

More information about Sphere(Link to another website.) and this event, plus tickets on the NAC web site.(Link to another website.)