Median Life and or Death at FIFA in Montréal

Median Life and or Death at FIFA in Montréal

Visual artist Petteri Cederberg's Median Life and/or Death screening at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)


5.45 pm

Concordia University, J. W. McConnell building

De Sève Cinema LB 125, 1400 Maisonneuve Blvd. West



Median Life and/or Death gets its world premiere at FIFA.  Filmmaker Petteri Cederberg describes his short film as follows: Hand drawn stop-motion animation that contemplates both the uniqueness and the averageness of humanity. If all the people of the world would be put together, and from that, a sort of average human made, what would that human be like? 

Petteri Cederberg is a Helsinki-based visual artist whose works contemplate the human condition and its subconscious realities. He works mainly in the field of animation and drawing, approaching animations as a living paintings or drawings rather than traditional film making with linear storytelling. The key to his animations is the idea of showing the process of painting with its mistakes and successes. 

Median Life and/or Death is showing in PERFORMATIVE BODIES (6 SHORTS) + IN TROUT WE DUST, A program centred around the body.

Full program: 

the time is now #1. – Heidrun Holzfeind – 20 min
Median Life and/or Death – Petteri Cederberg – 5 min 24 s
la vie à 2 [objet #01] – Manon Labrecque – 4 min 44 s
Melt – Belinda Campbell – 3 min 41 s
la vie à 2 [objet #02] – Manon Labrecque – 3 min 33 s
6 Permutations – Ed Janzen – 2 min 5 s
In Trout We Dust – Dieter Kovacic – 34 min 23 s

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