Covid-19 News for Canada

Covid-19 News for Canada

For the time being only Canadian citizens and permanent residents, their immediate family members and persons residing in Canada with a valid permit are allowed to enter the country.

For a complete list of entrant categories, please see Canadian government’s outline Who Can Enter Canada(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)

Starting on January 7th 2021, a negative covid-19 test result is required to enter Canada. As set out in the Quarantine Act a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for everyone arriving in Canada. All passengers using public transportation are required to wear non-medical masks or face coverings. The border between Canada and USA is closed until July 21, 2021.  Only essential travel is allowed.

Entry regulations

Until further notice, entry to Canada is restricted to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members as well as foreigners residing in Canada with a valid permit.

The Quarantine Act came into force in Canada on March 25.2020, requiring all travellers to quarantine themselves for 14 days.  Infractions can result in imprisonment or fines. Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is mandatory on public transportation, as well as at airports. Pre-departure covid-19 test and negative result is required to enter Canada starting on January 7th.

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Domestic travel

There are maximum limits on gatherings, which vary by province.  Several provinces have interprovincial travel restrictions.

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Non-medical masks or face coverings are mandatory for all users of public transportation and in many locations also in all public and commercial indoor spaces.  Outside of home or lodgings, physical distancing by two meters is to be practiced in addition to general hygiene protocols (use of hand sanitizer, voluntary use of face coverings and single use gloves).

The health care system is competent and access to care for travelers is reasonable.

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Opening hours and access to restaurants, hotels, tourist sites and parks are limited by provincial regulations.

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Sanctions for infractions

Infractions of the Quarantine Act can result in a fine up to $750 000.00 or imprisonment.

Embassy customer service

Embassy of Finland in Ottawa and the Honorary Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver will process passport applications and notarial certificates during the pandemic, strictly by appointment.

When attending at the embassy, local regulations and restrictions on movements must be observed.  Reservations and inquiries preferably by email: Ottawa ([email protected]), Toronto ([email protected]) and Vancouver ([email protected]).

Please be prepared for possible unexpected delays in processing and delivery of services.

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Travel notification

We remind all travellers and those already in Canada to complete a travel notification.(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)

If you have already completed a travel notification and your stay abroad has been extended, please update your notification to reflect the change. This way the embassy will know that you remain in Canada and can contact or update you.  If you registered for the service, you can make any changes yourself. If not, please complete a new travel notification.

If you submitted a travel notification without an expiry date or you have returned to Finland sooner than expected, please remove the notification.  If you registered for the service, you can complete your own updates.  If you did not register, please email a removal request to [email protected]  Please keep in mind that from time to time there may be backlogs in processing travel notification updates or removal requests.