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Short film has a strong following in Finland and although regularly part of film festival fare, the most prominent short film program and awards takes place at the Tampere Film Festival(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) every March. 

Since 2013 Finns have also enthusiastically celebrated the International Short Film Day which takes place around the world on Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  

This Nordic Nights screening aims to provide a snapshot of the short film scene in Finland.

Screening over zoom, free admission, registration required(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.).

On the playbill:

900 Footballs(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (900 Jalkapalloa)  by Sophia Ehrnrooth(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (2020, 16m)   

The universal language of soccer unites artist and children of illegal immigrants in Rome. 

Evolution in standstill(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (Pysähdyksen muutos) by Petteri Cederberg (Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)(2021, 5m25s) 

An animated look at the effects of isolation and forced standstill.   Cederberg’s work Median Life and/or Death(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) was seen at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) and in competition at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2020.

They Go Gentle Into That Night Work(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (Yötyön Zen) by Soile Mottisenkangas (2020, 11m02s) 

A documentary tribute to the serenity of the night shift for a mail carrier, a plate rolling operator, and a train driver. 

ICELAND (Nighttime) (Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)by Nastja Säde-Rönkkö  (Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)(2019, 6m18s) 

The unique Icelandic landscapes are a backdrop to a poem by the artist.

The Blanket(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (Lakana) by Teppo Airaksinen(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.), (2021, 14 m) 

Stick (Keppi), also by Airaksinen, was seen at last year’s Nordic Nights Finnish Shorts programme.  Multitalented Airaksinen is at home in almost any genre of moving image and his latest feature was a foray to Hollywood.  His teen comedy Supercool was filmed in Alabama and has just opened in theatres in Finland.

The Blanket is set in the late 1930’s in Helsinki.   Little Marja is tasked with skiing to the city from the archipelago to get milk for her baby brother.    

Please Leave a Message After the Tone(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)  (Voitte jättää viestin äänimerkin jälkeen)  by Risto-Pekka Blom(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (2021, 11m) 

An experimental look at human disconnection in today’s society. 

The Bouncer(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) (Poke) 2020, 11m by Aleksi Salmenperä(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)

Winner of the Finnish national film award, the Jussi for best short film in 2021.  It had its international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

A sincere wish to do good is only the beginning in the making of a superhero…

My Whimsical Resonance(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) 2021, 10m by Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.) 

An artist with a stutter explains his worldview and his relationship to arts.