The cultural programme in Brussels supports the Presidency of the Council of the EU’s themes

The cultural programme in Brussels supports the Presidency of the Council of the EU’s themes

During Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU which started at the beginning of July, Brussels will be featuring some of the top names in Finnish contemporary art and culture, as well as rising new talents. The broad cultural programme supports the priority themesLink to another website.(Opens New Window) of the EU Presidency period.

Antti Laitinen’s environmental artwork addresses the relationship between humans and nature 

Each year, the European Space for SculptureLink to another website.(Opens New Window) association invites one artist to Brussels from the country holding the EU Presidency at the time. From the beginning of July, visual artist Antti Laitinen’s works that often address the relationship between humans and nature will be on display in the Tournay-Solvay park. The Fused with Nature exhibition will include, among other things, an environmental artwork that residents can take part in: a suit of armour made from galvanised steel nails will be nailed around a tree fallen in a storm. The exhibition at Tournay-Solvay park is open from 4.7.–29.9. In addition, Laitinen’s photo and video works will be on display in the renowned La Patinoire Royale/Valérie Bach gallery in Brussels from 6.–27.7.


Visual artist Antti Laitinen with Patricia De Peuter, curator of the exhibition Fused with Nature.


Spazio NobileLink to another website.(Opens New Window) gallery in Brussels will be displaying textile and graphic artist Kustaa Saksi’s large, colourful tapestries in the summer. The exhibition is part of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux RE/defining Finnish Contemporary Art & Design project. Saksi’s art will also be on display at the European Council and EU Council’s headquarters in the Europa building, which will feature an impressive 26-metre textile work of art.

Finnish design emphasizes the fragility of the environment in the midst of climate change

During the Brussels Gallery Weekend (5.–8.9.2019), the Spazio Nobile gallery will host a private exhibition by designer Laura Laine, which will feature a series of Laine’s new glass sculptures. At the end of September, a group exhibition of 18 Finnish craft artists will be opened in the same gallery and will be on display until the end of 2019. The exhibition will feature internationally renowned artists (including Harri Koskinen and Päivi Rintaniemi) as well as rising talents (including Tero Kuitunen, Veera Kulju, Teemu Salonen and Man Yau).

As a whole, the exhibitions highlight a wide range of materials for which Finnish craft artists and designers are known around the world. The works and choice of materials emphasize the fragility of the environment in the midst of climate change. They also remind us how important it is to preserve nature through sustainable choices.


Red panels of Mikko Paakkola's series of paintings called The Twelfth Hour.


Mikko Paakkola's exhibition “La douzième heure”Link to another website.(Opens New Window) (The Twelfth Hour) is a place-bound series of paintings in the Chapel of Sint-Jan Berchmans College in Brussels. Consisting of twelve large-sized panels, this artistic whole conveys the northern dimension through colours that flare up on the canvases and beyond as aurora borealis, or the northern lights. The church space in central Brussels allows today's city dwellers to reach out for the universe beyond their everyday lives, for its architecture gives space to the essence of the art of painting at its purest: a touch of the sacred. The exhibition is open 20.9. – 6.10.

October brings Finnish music to Brussels

In October, the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts will celebrate Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU with a Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra celebratory concertLink to another website.(Opens New Window) led by Chief Conductor Susanna Mälkki. The celebratory concert will also feature Tero Saarinen Company’s impressive Zimmerman Trio, which combines dance and visuality with the orchestra’s music.

The 2019–2020 Circle of SilenceLink to another website.(Opens New Window) concert series at Flagey opens with a concert by Helsinki Chamber Choir. Circle of Silence brings together European concert houses from around the Baltic Sea, and the music to be heard is inspired by nature and silence. The programme features well-loved choral masterpieces by the Finnish composers Jean Sibelius and Einojuhani Rautavaara and a selection of compositions by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.


The Helsinki Chamber Choir will open the Circle of Silence concert series in October.


Finnish jazz pianist and composer Iiro Rantala will perform his own composition Twelve MonthsLink to another website.(Opens New Window) at Flagey on 6.11. The composition is a round-the-year weather review of a country with harsh climatic conditions: Finland. Inspired by the four seasons (like Vivaldi) and mixing in the mid-seasons so typical of Finland, Rantala’s music goes through all the 12 months of the Finnish calendar year. His interpretation conveys people's states of mind in the face of the prevailing weather conditions, which nearly always give cause for disappointment.

Equality and peace building highlighted in November

In November, the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux will hold the RE/defining Masculinities weeks in Helsinki (starting 4.11.) and Brussels (starting 27.11.). The multidisciplinary project produced by an extensive partner network deals with the fierce transformation of gender roles and masculinity in particular. The project, which highlights equality and gender diversity aims to stimulate debate on how many models of masculinity exist and how men must also redefine their position in society. Works by Ima Iduozee, Artor Jesus Inkerö and Aurora Reinhard are among those featured in Brussels. In addition, the institute has filmed short videos dealing with manliness that will be shared on social media.    

Also in November, the institute, design and research agency Raven & Wood Agency and the Embassy of Finland in Brussels will host a day-long conference on the importance of space planning for peace building and peace negotiations.


For more information, follow Embassy’s FacebookLink to another website.(Opens New Window)


Finland’s third presidency of the Council of the EU will start in July and continue until the end of the year. The presidency period’s official website can be found at eu2019.fiLink to another website.(Opens New Window). The site contains information about the period’s themes, events and programme.