Appointments for residence permit applicants

Appointments for residence permit applicants

The Embassy serves residents and citizens of its jurisdiction United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Qatar. In addition to the Embassy’s jurisdiction, the Embassy in Abu Dhabi receives residence permit applicants from Pakistan.

Due to the current travel restrictions to the UAE from Pakistan, not all applicants are able to travel. When the visa and flight operations to the UAE are fully resumed, the Embassy will contact the applicants in the queue in order of their appointment request dates (for student/family/work/oral hearings etc). Since there are hundreds of applicants in the queue, severe delays is to be expected in (re-)scheduling all appointments. Due to these aforementioned reasons beyond our control, the Embassy is currently unable to give any time estimate for the appointment.

More information on the flight suspension is available on the websites of Emirates News Agency’s Link to another website.(Opens New Window) and National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). Link to another website.(Opens New Window) More information on the UAE quarantine requirements is available hereLink to another website.(Opens New Window) and the list of countries on the green list exempted from quarantine in Abu Dhabi is available hereLink to another website.(Opens New Window).

If you wish to submit an appointment request, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] including the following information: full name of applicant, nationality & country of residence, validity of your UAE visa (if any) and the grounds for your application. (If studies: an admission letter, if work: job title and name of employer in Finland, if family: name of family member in Finland). Your request will then be placed in the queue and the Embassy will contact you once an appointment can be scheduled.

Students: If you have been admitted to a university, you may contact the Admissions Services of your hosting Finnish university for detailed information on what options you have for starting your studies online, or postponing the start of your studies, if necessary. 

Currently, oral hearings with interpreters cannot be scheduled due to unsuitability of premises for the pandemic situation.

We fully understand that this unfortunate situation may have major implications on lives of individuals. Unfortunately, there is little Embassy can do to mitigate the COVID situation, the COVID restrictions and their implications on residence permit applicants.

More information on the Embassy’s customer service during the corona pandemic is available hereLink to another website.(Opens New Window).