Internationalization services and special experts in Estonia

The Team Finland network(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) in Estonia helps Finnish companies and promotes Finland's country image in Estonia. The Embassy of Finland in Tallinn provides general advice on business in Estonia and directs to service providers. The Embassy also helps to create contacts and its facilities can be used for company events. The Honorary Consuls of Finland in Tartu, Pärnu and Narva provide advice on how to operate in their respective areas.

Business Finland's office in Warsaw(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) Is responsible for Business Finland's operations in Estonia.

Companies providing business services in Estonia can be found in the Business Finland Expert search service(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window).

The Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) (FECC) organizes networking events, topical seminars and training sessions for companies already operating in Estonia. They are mainly for members of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Finnish Institute in Estonia(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) is responsible for cultural events and cultural exports.

Contact persons for Team Finland in Estonia

Frans-Anton Flander, Special Advisor
Tel. +372 6103312
[email protected]

Timo Kantola, Ambassador